An interview with Wilson’s student council presidents

Wilson Middle School Spartan MonthlyMarch 1, 2017 

Wilson Middle School students Colby Deniz and Cheyanne Davila represent the eighth- and seventh-grade classes as class presidents on the student council.


Meet Colby Deniz and Cheyanne Davila, Wilson Middle School’s student council presidents for the 2016-17 school year. Colby is the eighth-grade class president, and Cheyanne serves as president of the seventh-grade class.

They were both asked why they wanted to be class presidents.

Cheyanne says she ran because she likes helping out and influencing people. She loves everything about being a student council president because she likes making people happy.

Colby wanted to become a president because she likes expanding her leadership skills. She says she likes being a role model and likes helping others.

When asked what they are excited to be working on, Cheyanne responded, “I like working on big projects, and I like setting up for dances, and figuring out what I’m gonna say to new kids.” Enthusiastically answering the same question, Colby said, “the upcoming dances because you get to see all your friends.”

We asked both presidents what they like about Wilson. Cheyanne replied, “I like how everyone is so nice and no one is that mean.” Colby stated, “I like having smaller classes so we can know our fellow students better.”

Cheyanne does many things in her spare time. She likes playing sports and eating. In her house, she is known as the cleaning queen because she cleans so much. She also likes working out and watching sports.

Colby enjoys reading books at home and at school. Her favorite book is the first volume in the Percy Jackson series. Her favorite hobbies are reading and baking. Her favorite subject is language arts. In her spare time, she also enjoys playing games with her family.

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