Kindergarten students join 30-Word Club

Staff ReportsMarch 1, 2017 

Many students at Stephens School joined the 30-Word Club in the months of December, January and February.


Many students at Stephens Elementary School joined the 30-Word Club in the months of December, January and February. All of these students worked very hard to learn all 30 kindergarten sight words. They received their shirts after reading the words to Stephens Principal Eric Griffin and received an award at an awards assembly on Feb. 24. Pictured above in the back row from left: Julissa Pena, Yajy Hernandez, Ramon Pineda, Xander Aquino, Nathan McGuirk, Reid Hale, Draven Brasil, Taya Lial, Jordan Borrego, Jerrerson Santamaria, Reid Donegan, Astrella Williams, Dayana Partida, Ally Dennison, Simran Sidhu, Samantha Hirtzel, Ryan Farmer, Makayla Jamison. In the third row: Vanely Hernandez, Adam Shaibi, Michale Green, Alexis Heffington, Khloe Rodriguez, Genesis Chavez, Amiya Barajas, Kiara Hernandez, Jaxson Denny, Sophia Gonzalez, Elliana Hernandez, Jaxson White, Geovanni Ordiniza, Josmar Rueda-Diaz, Elias Gutierrez. In the second row: Aiden Arnbrister, Camila Nuñez, Camila Santacruz, Leena Eltareb, Jersey Danieli, Ricardo Chavez, Jackelyn Saldana, Josimar Rueda-Diaz, Diego Bugarin, Caige Absher, Genesis Ruiz, Anthony Torres, Yousef Eltareb, Ethan Landers, Mark Harris. In the front row: Ivan Robles-Bautista, Axel Lugo, Benjamin Motz, Bleu Flanagan, Lainee Pepers, Braiden Standridge, Avnit Aulakh, Reagan Glover, Sofie Bettencourt, Alexa Ramirez, David Solorio, Mila Long, Haide Ortiz, Abigail LeBaron.

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