First-grade students celebrate reading

Staff ReportsMarch 1, 2017 

First-grade students at Fuller School proudly wear their sight word T-shirts and show the certificates they received for successfully memorizing 100 sight words.


Twenty-seven first-grade students at Fuller School were recognized as the newest members of the Sight Word Club at the February Pow Wow assembly. To become a member of the first-grade Sight Word Club, the students were required to memorize 100 sight words. Each of the new members received a sight word T-shirt and a certificate.

The Sight Word Club at Fuller School is a program that encourages students to learn to read sight words. Children need to be taught to read words as a whole unit, as they often have irregular spelling patterns and cannot be blended by sounding out the letters. These words are used frequently in books and stories written for children at their grade level. Students who can quickly read sight words become better readers, which plays a vital role in the success of their education.

Students receiving their sight word shirts included:

Room 15 – Mia Morales

Room 22 – Isaac Roque, Carsen Adams, Violet Price and Brylee Sanchez

Room 23 – Jeslenne Flores-Real and Andres Medina

Room 26 – Jose Rocha and Nathan Fuentes

Room 27 – Alondra Maya

Room 28 – Kenzie Bishop, Oscar Barajas, Juan Magana, Mavrik Caton and Kareli Cardenas

Room 29 – Jocelyn Rivas, Adrian Gutierrez and Maria Duenas

Room 30 – Luis Pavela, Madison Murray, Yadira Herrera, Zaylee Sanchez and Isabelle Fatigoni

Room 31 – Ashley Cardenas, Bella Brasil, Lillian Falcon Maciel and Landon Oberlander

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