Seventh-day Adventist School gets a brand new look

Staff ReportsFebruary 1, 2017 

The Chowchilla Seventh-day Adventist School was recently remodeled inside and out to create a fresh, updated learning environment.


The last two school years have brought many changes to the Chowchilla Seventh-day Adventist School, mostly in the form of approximately $200,000 worth of school facility improvements.

The outside of the school building was re-stuccoed and painted, and the inside of the school building and classrooms underwent top-to-bottom remodeling. Everything was updated: from drop-down ceilings being installed to flooring being ripped out and replaced.

The staff received a wonderful surprise when the wall paneling was ripped out to reveal plaster walls with student artwork from decades ago. The walls were replaced with new wall panels that allow the walls to function like bulletin boards, so all space is usable.

Built-in cabinets were replaced with movable bookcases and lockable cabinets. Walls were moved to better utilize the space along with new, lower windows and high-security doors.

The school also made significant technological improvements. Short-throw interactive projectors were installed in each classroom to further enhance learning. Every upper-grade student has an iPad issued to them and laptops available for their use. New desks and furniture were purchased to round out the remodeling.

The playground was also remodeled. It was expanded and upgraded, and equipment was brought into compliance with current safety requirements. Existing equipment was refreshed and several new pieces of play equipment were added. The new cargo net climbing structure is a favorite of the students.

New grass and concrete walkways were added outside as well as security fencing and gates.

Students at the school receive individualized instruction to meet their needs. They are encouraged to grow spiritually and are pushed to excel academically. The school helps students develop a relationship with Jesus and to take personal responsibility for their actions.

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